Suzanne Tratnack

Board Member

In addition to her responsibilities at home Suzanne is a full time employee and officer of K.I.T. Transportation in Hannacroix, New York. K.I.T. Transportation is a flat bed specialized hauler of freight and concrete products. Suzanne's experience in the transportation industry spans thirty years during which time she has held many roles including accounting, dispatching, office and human resource management. Even with home and work commitments Suzanne serves on the board of her local church and takes an active interest in helping those in her community. Several of her own employees have benefited from her assistance and advice and many of them credit her with helping them get on their feet.

Through her friends, the Luccio's, Suzanne and her family have become acquainted with the need that exists in Greene County for supporting individuals and families affected by autism. Her concern has grown over time and has recently manifested itself in her decision to serve on the board for the Autism Connection. Suzanne has great vision and hope for the future and is committed to see the goals of the organization achieved.

Edward Hurley, LPN, BS.

Board Member

Ed Hurley was employed in the healthcare field for several years in both direct care giver and administrative capacities. He is a Licensed Practical Nurse and a Substance Abuse Counselor. His experience includes working with the homeless and substance abuse populations. Ed was employed with the New York State Education Department from 2003 to 2014 as the Assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Boards of Nursing and Respiratory Therapy. Prior to entering the healthcare field, Ed was employed in the bookkeeping field, and was self-employed.

Ed holds an Associates Degree in Substance Abuse Counseling from Hudson Valley Community College and a Bachelor of Science in History from Siena College.

Ed is currently enjoying retirement and devoting more time to volunteer work. He also serves on the Board of Directors of The Autism Connection.

Colleen Selkirk


Colleen works for The Bank of Greene County and has recently transitioned from her position as branch manager to a position in human resources to further develop her career.

Rosemary Hurley, MS.


Ro Hurley was with the Veterans Health Administration since 1996 in a number of capacities including strategic planning, health care operations, continuous improvement and quality systems. Prior to joining the VA, Ro was employed by a Fortune 100 company in contracting, continuous improvement programs and ISO 9000 Quality Systems. She received her Master of Science in Health Services Administration from Sage Graduate School in 1997.

Currently, Ro is enjoying retirement and devoting more time to volunteer work and training a therapy dog.  She has served as Secretary on the Board of Directors of The Autism Connection as Secretary since 2006.

Anna Papadakis, MS Ed


Anna has worked with very young children and their families for over 35 years as a special educator. Anna believes that working with children and their families is a great honor and a privilege. She believes that children with autism are different types of learners and are full of potential. Anna likens having a child with autism to a roller coaster ride and is often closely involved with families at the critical time when they receive the diagnosis of autism. She has followed the progress of many of her former students and sees an acute need for a continuum of services for autistic children as they grow older. Anna feels that there is great need for a family support network both to seek better services and to facilitate access to services that are available for families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. This need is especially great in our rural area. She is currently Director of Children with Special Needs for Columbia County.

Carol Ann Luccio

Our Founder   

Carol Ann Luccio founded TAC in 2008. She turned the challenge of raising a daughter with autism into a passion for making a difference to the many families in Greene County who needed resources close to home that every family could afford. She tirelessly raised funds and awareness to develop programs such a Summer Club and Autism Walk. Carol Ann resigned from TAC in 2014 for personal reasons. The board continues to carry out the mission of TAC that Carol Ann had envisioned.